What’s New in Fried Food?

What’s New in Fried Food?

Over the years, Filtercorp has seen just about everything fried. And just when we think we have seen it all? Someone is out there surprises us. With the start of fall and the end of summer, there are many local fairs and festivals taking place throughout the country. This is the time when people go out to spend time with their friends and family, while enjoying some delicious fried food items. Let’s look at some new trends in the world of fried foods.

Handmade and Fresh Ingredients

Consumers are looking for more transparency where it comes to their food choices. For the fried food end of this trend, it is time to think about unique fresh foods that can be fried. Vegetables are an easy choice. Across the country, there has been an increase in fried cauliflower, pickles, okra, green beans, brussel sprouts and more vegetable options. To take this trend a step further, think about partnering up with a local farm to add seasonal vegetables to your menu. This will help attract people because it will be seasonal and limited, urging people to not wait and try it when it is available.

Sweet and Savory

This combo has been around for years. It has been pleasing the taste buds of many throughout the duration of its existence. The resurgence of sweet and savory classic like chicken and waffles are sweeping menus nationwide. To incorporate this trend into your new menu, think outside the box of menu items you have already mastered. Consider topping off fried items with a sweet glaze. If you already have the item on your menu, it makes updating the item even easier!

Fried Food Toppings

Take a dish from ordinary to extraordinary by adding a fried food topping. For example, do you have an excellent steak salad on your menu? Add some French fries as a topping to make it a more tasteful and filling dish. Add fried onions to the top of any dish to give it the extra crunch it might be missing. Fried chicken, fried fish, you name it and it can make the perfect topping. All you have to do is get creative with it!

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