What Will Damage My Frying Oil?

What Will Damage My Frying Oil?

The instant frying is initiated using fresh oil that oil begins to degrade. The key to optimum frying is to acknowledge that the oil is constantly degrading and take steps to slow the breakdown.

Foodservice operators need to operate their fryers according to established procedures: fry at lower temperatures; keep the equipment clean and follow proper cleaning procedures including making sure cleaning compounds are rinsed and neutralized using acids; make sure that seasoning or salting food is done away from the fryer vat; minimize exposure of the oil to metals, especially copper and bronze; and filter or treat the oil regularly.

And, of course, operators need to follow the procedures that have been established for treating the oil. This includes adhering to the schedules for treatment and following procedures to the letter. There is a reason that a protocol is set up, so follow it.

According to Chow and Gupta (1994), “In reality, it is never possible to take any kind of used oil, reprocess it and turn it into a product as good as the original.”

Filtration or treatment is a tool to maintain the quality of the oil, and hence, the food being fried in that oil. Done properly, it has the capabilities of minimizing the damage caused by heat, metals, salts and improper cleaning. In fact, the SuperSorb® carbon pads have been shown to remove the residues and soaps formed during cleaning and metals that leach from the food, so damage to oil is minimized and that oil will last longer.

Learn more about long-lasting oil. Read our free Frying Oil Maintenance Tips.


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