What Temperature Should Your Frying Oil Be?

What Temperature Should Your Frying Oil Be?

Choosing the frying temperature that is best for your foods and operation can sometimes be a guessing game. Many factors come into play when choosing the temperature that is the right balance between the minimum frying oil temperature that results in the desired food quality but does not overheat your oil.  Too high of a temperature can scorch foods and over cook them. Too low of an oil temperature can allow food to absorb excess oil, leaving foods greasy tasting.

One key rule always comes into play when determining the proper frying oil temperature:

Oil degradation reaction rates, like chemical reactions in general, double for every 18oF increase in temperature.


Oil degradation caused by over-heating will substantially shorten the life of your oil. Oil degradation can also reduce the consistency of your food quality. Here are some helpful tips for setting oil temperatures:

  1. Avoid unnecessary heating of the oil when not actively frying. When sitting idle at high temperatures oil degradation is still occurring.  Reduce fryer temperatures to a minimum during low business times.
  2. Set fry oil temperatures to the minimum required by your recipes and that still result in the desired food quality.
  3. Check fryer temperatures through the day to make sure they have not been changed from the desired set point.
  4. The steam evolution that occurs during frying can help strip some of the degradation products from the oil.
  5. Check temperature accuracy. Calibrate your thermostats as

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