The Secret Weapon for a Perfect July 4th BBQ

The Secret Weapon for a Perfect July 4th BBQ

The July 4th holiday is a time for making memories with friends and family as we gather to celebrate our nation’s independence. From sparklers and bottle rockets, the stars and stripes, and the big municipal fireworks shows put on throughout the country, it’s a holiday filled with many traditions. Of all the things that make Independence Day a day to remember, few are as iconic as the 4th of July cookout.

What comes to mind when you think of planning the perfect summer barbecue? Hotdogs and hamburgers are a safe bet, and you’ll also want to have some beverages on ice. Patriotic decorations will wow your friends and put the function over the top. Now get some tunes going to set the vibe and maybe slice up some watermelon for a refreshing summer treat. With all that handled, you’re well on your way to the perfect cookout. But something’s still missing…

If you ask your invited guests to bring a side, there’s one thing that’s a surefire hit, even possessing the potential to upstage the meats coming off the grill: fried chicken. You’ve seen it time and time again. That lazy uncle, running late as usual, swings through the drive-thru for a bucket of extra crispy and places it nonchalantly on the buffet table. Pretty soon, hot dogs and hamburgers are forgotten as the guests gather around for a taste of juicy, golden-brown goodness.

Don’t get outshined at your own cookout. Bring fried chicken to the party, and grab some fries or wedges while you’re at it. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your hungry guests when the charcoal briquettes are still struggling to ignite a full hour after lighting.

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