The Right Frying Oil Filter Matters for Your Fryer

The Right Frying Oil Filter Matters for Your Fryer

Why does finding the right fryer filter matter? Filtering your fryer oil is important for extending the life and quality of your frying oil. If you fry food, extending oil life and having consistent food quality should be important to you. You can have both by filtering your oil. Whether you use a built in or portable filter, we offer a filter to fit your needs. Our patented SuperSorb® carbon filter pads help remove containments that causes premature break down of you oil.

 The SuperSorb® carbon pad  filters down to 0.5 micron, which is nearly 500 times smaller than a grain of sand. Particles pass into the carbon pad and are trapped in the matrix of cellulose that the carbon pad is made up of. Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® carbon pads extend the useful life of your oil. Food products cooked in clean oil cook faster, absorb less oil, and have a crisp texture. Simply drop a SuperSorb® carbon pad into your filter pan and start enjoying the benefits of cleaner oil. 

 With Filtercorp’s, easy-to-use, Find My Filter tool, simply select the manufacturer of your fryer, find your fryer model, and you can easily match or locate the Filtercorp filter that is compatible with your fryer. We make a filter to fit most major fryer filter machines on the market. Start improving the life of your oil now and have more consistent food quality all while saving money.

 Contact Filtercorp today to learn more about our frying oil filtration and maintenance solutions. Experience first-hand the Filtercorp difference by requesting a sample!

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