The Best Fried Chicken Wings for Tailgating

The Best Fried Chicken Wings for Tailgating

This football season has been anything besides ordinary. With all the changes that 2020 has brought in, there are few things that we can still look forward to that bring a bit of normalcy to our lives. We finally have live sports for professional and collegiate athletes which means we’ve got a chance to tailgate. Sure, there’s going to be some adjustments to follow guidelines within each state, but whether you watch the game at your favorite restaurant or host some friends at home, you can look forward to game-day snacks that are sure to brighten your day, no matter who wins or loses.

Fried foods are a staple at tailgates. Onion rings, French fries, tortilla chips, and so many more make their way onto trays to be shared. We can’t forget a fan favorite—buffalo wings! A good buffalo wing has crispy skin and tender, juicy meat complemented by buffalo sauce. The secret to perfectly fried wings is hot, clean frying oil. Canola, Soy, or blends work well for fried wings, heated to 350-360 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping frying oil clean during high volume times like football season can be difficult. Chicken fat, breading, salt and other contaminants cause frying oil to breakdown and diminish the flavor and appearance of your food. Learn more about the challenges of oil quality when frying chicken in this article.

Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® Carbon Pads are the secret to clean, long-lasting frying oil – even while frying chicken wings! We’re ready to help each restaurant and foodservice operator find the best filter for their system. Consistent food quality is the key to repeat customers. Supersorb® CarbonPads and Envelopes are an environmentally friendly, cost saving media that will give you consistent quality food every time.

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