The Benefits of Low Oil Volume Fryers

The Benefits of Low Oil Volume Fryers

Over the last several years, many large cities have banned the use of trans fats in commercial cooking. This has had a great impact on foodservice operators. While the foods now being served are healthier, they are also more expensive to cook. As a result, many fryer manufactures have developed a new type of fryer called Low Oil Volume fryers, or LOV fryers, that use 35 pounds of oil compared to 50-60 pounds of oil in standard fryers.

Low oil volume fryers recoup some of the higher costs of non-trans fat oils by lowering the volume of disposed oil at each oil change. In addition, the oil absorbed by cooking foods, or “dragout”, must be replaced. This replacement oil has a higher ratio to existing oil in a low oil volume fryer versus a standard fryer, which also helps extend the life of the oil.

By utilizing the fryer’s fresh oil top off feature, operators can manage each fry vat in “cradle-to-grave” fashion instead of “cascading” or rotating used oil from one fryer to the next. This automatic oil fill helps each vat maintain optimum fry oil so food is cooked in the “sweet spot” every time.

One of the most exciting features of new low oil volume fryers is a recording mechanisms that keeps track of how many times a basket is dropped into the fryer. After a given number of drops, the fryer will no longer accept a basket until the vat is filtered. As a result, restaurants are now filtering multiple times a day instead of once a day.

Filtercorp’s SuperSorb (registered trade mark, please) CarbonPads work seamlessly with Low Oil Volume Fryers. Using Filtercorp’s frying oil treatment process in a low volume fryer is an unbeatable combination.

This cultural shift to a more mindful perspective of oil quality will pay big dividends to operators who embrace it.

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