Temperature Management in Frying

Temperature Management in Frying

For over 50 years many industry experts have stated that there are many factors that can improve the life of your frying oil.

  1. Design, construction & maintenance of equipment
  2. Proper operation of equipment
  3. Properly clean equipment
  4. Minimize exposure to UV
  5. Keep salt & metals away from oil
  6. Filter regularly

Proper operation of equipment includes several elements which include proper startup, establishing programs to manage fryers during down time and maintaining temperature of the fryers. Temperature is one of the main contributors to oil degradation. Research indicates that there are three elements of oil degradation; thermal damage, hydrolytic damage and oxidative damage. Pumping heat into the oil damages it and the more heat one pumps in, the greater the damage to the oil.

In foodservice frying, heat damage occurs due to the cycling of fryers. This means each time an operator drops a basket of French fries, chicken, or pastries into the fryer, there is a temperature drop. The fryer immediately begins pumping heat back into the fryer to bring the temperature back up to the target operating temperature. What can damage oil even more is when an operator feels that a fryer is not performing properly, their first reaction is to turn up the temperature of the fryer. This only aggravates the problem and further damages the oil.

Ideally, it is best to fry at the lowest possible temperature that gives the operator the quality parameters they desire, these being flavor, texture, aroma and oil pickup.

Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® carbon pads can help reduce the harm caused by heat. Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® carbon pads can extend the life of your oil and can reduce off odors and flavors caused by burnt food products.

With Filtercorp’s, easy-to-use, Find My Filter tool, simply select the manufacturer of your fryer, find your fryer model, and you can easily match or locate the Filtercorp filter that is compatible with your fryer. We make a filter to fit most major fryer filter machines on the market. Start improving the life of your oil now and have more consistent food quality all while saving money.

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