Skimming vs. Changing Frying Oil

Skimming vs. Changing Frying Oil

Sometimes cutting costs in foodservice operations seems doable and that may include using frying oil longer. There are ways to extend oil life including skimming, using quality filters, using quality oil and keeping the temperature from getting too high. But at some point, food quality will be affected so we want to focus on when to change oil instead of just skimming. Proper oil maintenance is the key to consistent quality food.


Benefits of skimming include extending oil life by removing debris, letting the filter do less work throughout the day, allowing the flavor to be consistent, preventing polymerization from building up in the fry pot and allowing overall better fryer function.

When to Change the Oil

This decision should be based on the quality of the food being fried. Waiting too long is a risk because the food being produced could be poor quality which would cost the restaurant customers and ultimately, money.  However, changing the oil too early could be a waste and cause the restaurant to lose money. Look for these factors to know when you should change the oil.

If the fryer is used regularly, the oil may need changed up to twice a week. However, if the fryer is used less often then the oil may only need changed every few weeks. If a foodservice operator is unsure about when to change the oil in a fryer, we recommend checking the color and taste of the food and make sure there is no smell of burning as well. As the fryer is used, the cadence of oil changes will become clearer.

Put it Together

Using a SuperSorb® CarbonPad helps extend oil life by removing contaminants and allowing longer oil life. The filters extend the time between oil change-outs. Using the SuperSorb® CarbonPad and skimming larger debris regularly will substantially extend the life of your frying oil and save your operation in overall costs. Request a sample of our SuperSorb® CarbonPads or Envelopes and make the switch to better oil life.

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