Protecting Your Team with SuperSorb®

Protecting Your Team with SuperSorb®

One of the mandates facing all restaurant, fast food and foodservice operators is ensuring that their workers have a safe work environment. This can be somewhat of a challenge in that many of those working in these operations are young and inexperienced, and in many cases, it is a first job for the person. For management to meet this goal, this includes maintenance of equipment, providing workers with the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and conducting the necessary training sessions to ensure that workers understand potential risks and go about their work safely. Part of this is ensuring that they understand how to handle potentially hazardous materials such as cleaning chemicals.

Most of the aforementioned operations have one or more fryers. Managing and maintaining fryers is one element for ensuring the production of good tasting, high quality fried foods.  Filtercorp’s Supersorb® pads are one of the key elements for ensuring that high quality food is served. Filtering or more specifically treating oil as our pads do has been shown to enhance food quality, extend oil life and to benefit the bottom line. But there is another benefit to the use of our pads; worker safety. Supersorb® pads are specifically designed to be used with a wide range of fryers and filter systems that may be built in or hooked up to the fryer. The pads easily slip into place in the filter units because of their design, that is, there is the right way or not at all. There is a minimum of handling and a minimum of exposure to hot oil. Handling pads is also much safer than handling the different powdered products used for oil filtration. The restaurant workers must remember to take care when handling the powders and to wear a mask as mandated in the SDS or Safety Data Sheets. Now, this might not be an issue when everyone is wearing a mask in this COVID time, but in the past people oftentimes neglected their masks. So, look to Supersorb® pads for not only better quality food and an enhanced bottom line, but as a way to better protect your workers.

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