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Products & Services

How to be well-equipped to save on oil, improve profits, and deliver better tasting food.


Filter Media

SuperSorb® Filtration | Ready to use in any type of commercial fryer!

SuperSorb® is an easy-to-use, operator safe, environmentally friendly depth filter media used for treatment of edible frying oil. Watch it in action here!



Industry Segment Analysis

Our regional local filtration specialists are capable of organizing and conducting a comprehensive Fry Study to evaluate an operators frying program.


Portable Filtration Machines

Model LS-1 Portable Frying Oil Machine

The LS-1 is a portable filtration machine for foodservice operations using fryers that do not have built-in filtration systems. This light to medium duty machine is designed to filter 50-100lbs of oil.

LS-1 Spec Sheet

Model FM-1 Portable Frying Oil Machine

The FM-1 is a high-volume portable filtration machine for industrial food production facilities and foodservice operations. This heavy-duty machine is designed to filter 175lbs of oil or more.

FM-1 Spec Sheet


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Learn more about SuperSorb® and why it’s the best for your fryers.