In most restaurant and fast food operations, food is prepared to order. We say “most” because there are operations that will fry foods and place them under heat lamps for future sales. Examples of such products are fried pies and taquitos.

Go into your local mini-mart to pick up some milk and there is a good chance that you will see several fried items sitting under the heat lamps. In addition, more and more supermarkets now offer pre-cooked, including fried products, in their deli sections. This allows store operators to prepare these products when it is quiet. If your operations utilize heat lamps or have now, in the time of COVID-19, gone to home delivery services, it might be a good idea to seriously consider utilizing an oil treatment system to help ensure the overall quality of your products.

Filtercorp has worked with supermarkets who have reported that after using SUPERSORB® pads as part of their oil management system, they were able to keep products under heat lamps for over an hour longer.

So, why does this happen? SUPERSORB® pads remove a number of soluble and insoluble materials in the oil that contribute to not only degrading the oil but also compromise food quality. The greatest enemy of fried foods is oxygen and oxidation of the food, which the SUPERSORB® pads reduce or remove from the oil. No one wants to buy foods that are rancid so do what you can to enhance your food quality and maintain your customer base.

Contact Filtercorp to request a SuperSorb® sample, or calculate your oil savings with our ROI Calculator.

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