Keeping Fryers Clean: The Importance of Boil Out

Keeping Fryers Clean: The Importance of Boil Out

As the year comes to an end and the hustle and bustle of the holidays are over, some restaurant operators may have an urge to begin cleaning the back of the house. One task that is commonly overlooked is a fryer boil out. No matter what kind of fryer you have—pressure or open vat, automatic filtering, low volume to high volume—boil outs are a necessary part of the overall frying oil program. In fact, most SOPs (i.e. best practices) should include a scheduled boil out on a monthly basis. Below are photos of before and after boil out cleaning. Does this look like your fryer?

Boil Out products include the following:

Powder & liquid cleaning degreasers, blocks or pucks, oven cleaner, Cascade fryer cleaner, etc.

ALWAYS follow your cleaning SOP and product procedures.

Basic instructions for boil out are as follows: fill fryer with water to minimum level, turn fryer on to 200 degrees, heat for 30 minutes. Wear protective apparel. While soaking, begin to scrub all sides of the fryer with scrub pad. Drain water and scrub cold zone thoroughly. This process may need repeating. Rinse often with water. Wipe down and completely dry with towel. Lastly, rinse with a cup of distilled white vinegar to neutralize any soap residue. Wipe clean and dry.

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