It’s Tailgate Time!

It’s Tailgate Time!

Summer is winding down, and hopefully your kids are headed back to school. We all know what this means: football season is just around the corner—time to begin thinking about planning your tailgate parties! However you choose to celebrate, one gameday snack reigns supreme: The Buffalo Wing. We all have our favorite joint that get wings just right, but have you ever stopped to think about what exactly makes wings so good? Follow these simple tips and you’ll soon be slinging your very own restaurant-quality wings.

The first step is to buy good— preferably fresh—chicken. While there’s nothing wrong with frozen chicken, freezing does tend to rupture cells that can contribute to dryer meat in your end product.

Next, ensure that the chicken is dry by dabbing the raw wings with a paper towel. When this is done, roll the wings or thighs into your dry dredge until they are completely coated with the dry blend. Dredge ingredients vary, but typically contain cornstarch or flour, and may even include salt, spices, and seasonings. After the dredge, allow the coated chicken to dry for at least twenty minutes, giving the dredge ample time to adhere to the chicken.

Once the chicken has rested, coat the wings with your batter, which should be slightly runny. Allow excess batter to drip off the chicken and fry in hot oil for 8 to 10 minutes or until the product is golden brown.

Following these basic steps is especially important in foodservice or restaurant operations. Operators do not want the coatings blown off the chicken when it hits the hot oil, as this will severely compromise product quality. In addition, some of the water that releases from the meat while cooking can remain in the fry oil, which can act as a catalyst for oil degradation reactions that can compromise oil life. This too can adversely affect product quality and acceptance by the consumer.

Operators using SUPERSORB® filter pads as part of their oil management program are fortunate in that the pads have been shown to remove not only particulates and oil degradation products from the oil, but also harmful moisture.

So, enjoy your tailgates and your Buffalo Wings! And restauranteurs, make sure to do things properly to keep your customers not only happy, but coming back again and again—look to Filtercorp to better manage your oil.

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