The Importance of a Boilout Procedure and Schedule

The Importance of a Boilout Procedure and Schedule

Keeping fryers clean is an essential element for managing fryer operations in restaurant. It is also one of Dr. Robertson’s five basic principles for quality frying. But, how often should a fryer operator boil out their fryers and how should this be done? Boiling out a fryer is not something that needs to be done every day.  It should, however, be done each and every time the oil is changed. Fryers should be wiped down daily as part of filtering or treating your frying oil.

Now, how often the fryer will be boiled out and how rigorous the boil out should be depends upon how well the oil in the fryer is maintained. Fryer operators that utilize a passive filter system, that is, one that simply removes particulates may have to employ stronger chemicals (caustic soda) and do more frequent boil outs than an operation utilizing an active treatment system such as Filtercorp’s SUPERSORB® pads. Why do we say this?  SUPERSORB® pads will remove compounds that serve as precursors to breakdown products such as polymers. In fact, Filtercorp has had customers tell them that they rarely see polymers forming in their fryers utilizing the SUPERSORB® pads.  The polymers that form on or in fryers are one reason why strong cleaners like caustic soda is used on fryers. If no polymer is formed, the company has the option to utilize a less harsh chemical, which will make boil outs safer and more efficient.

Of course, when boiling out the fryers, it is imperative that fryer operators follow the established procedures, which includes wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), and make sure that the cleaning compound is completely removed from the fryer when the boil out is completed.  Failure to follow this seemingly simple step, can damage the oil when frying is started up the next day.

Check out the before and after pictures below:

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