How Often Should Frying Oil Be Changed?

How Often Should Frying Oil Be Changed?

There are varying opinions throughout the foodservice industry about how frequently the oil in a commercial fryer should be replaced. When and how often an operator changes their oil is a decision that each and every operator must decide on their own.

This decision should be based on the quality of the food being fried. How does it taste?  Is the color acceptable? Is the food perceived as being too greasy? If the operator waits too long, the food being produced could be of poor quality which could impact customer satisfaction and end up costing the restaurant money.  If the oil is changed too early, the end result is wasted oil and again, a waste of money.

Another reason why the decision as to when to change the oil falls to the operator is that they know their products better than anyone. How long the frying oil in a fryer will last depends upon a number of factors, including the type and mix of food being fried, the size of the fryer, the amount of food being fried and if the company filters or treats and how often.

For example, oil used to produce batter and breaded foods will break down more quickly than one used to fry french fries. Ideally, the work to determine when to discard oil should be determined by headquarters and passed onto to the store operators.  This determination should include guidance as to what the operator needs to look for such as oil color, smoking of the oil, darkening of the food or excessive greasiness.

Once the time to change oil has been established, it is up to the store operator to follow the oil management program established by management.  This includes following proper cleaning procedures, filtering or treating your oil, handling foods properly and changing the frying oil when it reaches the established endpoint. This is the best way to control fried food quality.

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