Frying Oil Management in Convenience Stores

Frying Oil Management in Convenience Stores

Convenience stores used to be just for fuel and other automotive products, but not anymore. A store where one can quickly and easily pick up essentials like milk, bread or grab a quick snack plus fuel is becoming a one-stop shop for many people now. They offer grab and go snacks such as drinks, coffee, breakfast staples, chips, hot dogs, crackers, candy, and cookies. To expand their offerings even further, many stores are now offering hot food prepared on site such as pizza, sandwiches, burgers as well as fried foods (fries, fried chicken, wings, jalapeno poppers, and corn dogs). These stores even offer seating for dining in the store. There is a reason that these stores serve fried food and that is because frying cooks food very quickly.  What might take 20 – 25 minutes in an oven will take a few minutes in hot oil. In addition, fried food is quite delicious.

With Filtercorp’s carbon SuperSorb® filter technology, cooking fried food is cleaner and easier than ever. The uniquely patented design of our SuperSorb® carbon filterpad works to filter oil down to the nano level (0.5 micron), trapping pollutants and contaminants that would normally stay in the oil leading to faster oil breakdown.

A good oil management program is an essential element for maintaining food quality in a convenience store. Such a program will not only maintain the oil for a longer period but will enhance operating efficiencies. Many years ago, a series of frying oil evaluations were held with a major United States grocery chain that had installed our SuperSorb® carbon filterpads as part of their oil management program. The company was able to benefit from the installation of an active system in their deli operations in. They observed that foods could be kept under heat lamps for up to one hour longer.  This reduced waste and enhanced profitability. This is extremely important in convenience stores since they are not preparing food to order but will fry up batches as they run out and place the products under the heat lamps.  If they can keep the food under the lamps for three hours instead of two, there will be less potential for waste and, therefore, better profitability.

At Filtercorp, we operate on the premise that we are a solution provider for our customer’s oil filtration needs. Your long-term satisfaction is our goal. You’ll have the results to prove it: cleaner oil, longer lasting, less usage, greater savings – plus consistent quality food. The proof is in the profits and the taste. At Filtercorp, “filtration is what we do, and people are why we do it.”

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