Frying Oil Filter Solutions for Hotel Foodservice Operations

Frying Oil Filter Solutions for Hotel Foodservice Operations

At Filtercorp, we understand the needs of hotel foodservice frying operations. Food quality is a large part of hotel guest expectations. Having consistent food quality is an important part of the hotel guest dining experience. 

Daily hotel kitchen operations can differ from restaurant kitchen operations in many ways. Hotels are often serving food 24 hours a day while restaurants are open set hours. With room service in hotels, guests are still expecting quality food at all hours of the day. Many hotels also have banquet space that require preparing food for hundreds or even thousands of guests on a daily basis. The deep fryer is an integral part of most hotel commercial kitchens. Saving time while also producing appetizing and consistent foods is a high priority for executive chefs in hotels. The first bite can set the tone for an entire meal.

This is where Filtercorp comes in to help with hotel frying operations. Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® CarbonPads are a uniquely patented design that goes to work to filter oil to a nano, invisible 0.5 micron. Eliminating contaminants and pollutants other filters leave behind. As a result, your frying oil is cleaner and longer lasting. You’ll use less frying oil and the food you’re frying will have more consistent quality. This means nothing is impacted or changed day to day on consistent food quality basis. It’s a win-win for your hotel guests and the quality of the food you are producing. 

Sustainable solutions are also more important in large scale cooking operations like hotels. Filtercorp is BPI Certified. This guarantees our SuperSorb® CarbonPads are biodegradable and will not stay in landfills for years. This guarantee helps large hotel frying operations reduce their carbon footprint while increasing their brand promise to reduce waste and go green. 

Filtercorp’s easy to use, Find Your Filter tool allows you to find the right size filter for every fryer in your operation. Our ROI Calculator tool allows you to calculate your total savings based on your fryer’s oil capacity, annual oil usage, and other factors to determine your savings after installing Filtercorp’s SuperSorb®  CarbonPads.

Hotels with large scale cooking and frying operations can trust Filtercorp to provide top of the line fryer oil filtration solutions. Ensuring you have a proper solution for your oil filtration will not only save you money in the cost of material, but also help generate revenue when you continuously serve consistently high-quality fried foods to your customers.

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