Frying Oil Best Practices: Skimming

Frying Oil Best Practices: Skimming

Maintaining clean fryer oil is an important part of any foodservice operations’ best practices. Keeping your fryer pots clean of floating debris helps extend your oil’s life. Each fryer should be skimmed of any floating debris multiple times throughout the day. Fifteen seconds of skimming per fryer is all it takes. There is simply no excuse not to skim your fry pots. Simply store your skimmer near your fryers for easy access.


Skimming will provide the foodservice operator several real-world benefits:

  1. Extends Oil Life: Removing burnt or over cooked food debris reduces the chances of water and minerals cooking into the fry oil and will help extend the oil life.
  2. Less labor: Skimming throughout the day will reduce the amount of debris that must be filtered. Reducing filtration times equals less time spent cleaning the fryer when filtering the oil.
  3. Consistent food quality: Reducing cooked debris from a fry pot will help reduce any potential carbon or burnt flavors being introduced into the oil and ultimately imparting off-putting flavors into the food.
  4. Easier Fry Pot Cleaning: Excessive overcooked debris builds up polymerization in and around the fry pot. Polymerization will require additional fry pot scrubbing to remove.
  5. Better Fryer Function: For proper fryer operation and food cooking, it is important that the fryer pot cold zone (lowest point in the fryer pot) be kept clear of debris to function efficiently.

Skimmers come in various shapes and sizes, but square will work best in most fry pots.

skimmers frying oil

Skimming used in association with our patented SuperSorb® carbon filter pads daily will help maximize your oil’s life and reduce labor.

At Filtercorp, we operate on the premise that we are a solution provider for our customer’s oil filtration needs. Your long-term satisfaction is our goal. You will have the results to prove it: cleaner oil, longer lasting, less usage, greater savings – plus consistent quality food. The proof is in the profits and the taste. At Filtercorp, “filtration is what we do, and people are why we do it.”

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