Why Offer Free Samples? Because We Know It’s Worth It

Why Offer Free Samples? Because We Know It’s Worth It

Making any product switch in your organization merits weighing the pros and cons. We encourage the change from traditional frying oil filters to SuperSorb® CarbonPads or Envelopes because we know the difference they make. SuperSorb® CarbonPads are user-friendly, environmentally safe and are the best at removing contaminants from frying oil.

Why SuperSorb® CarbonPads?

Better Results for Your Frying Oil

Activated carbon and cellulose fibers, along with other activated adsorbents join with billions of tiny pores to remove even the tiniest of contaminants. SuperSorb® CarbonPads are designed to remove particles down to the nano-range of 0.5 micron plus they clean and treat frying oil in a one-step process.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other filters, SuperSorb® CarbonPads and Envelopes are certified by the Biodegradability Products Institute. Being made of cellulose and activated carbon means these filters will not sit in landfills for years. Being conscious of the environment is something that we all can do, with the smallest amount of effort.

We’re Willing to Prove It to You

We are more than confident in our products. We want you to be confident in your choice to change which is why we offer a free sample. You can request a free sample and we will let you try it out completely free of charge. We are sure you will notice a difference. Fill out the request form and one of our agents will be in touch to get you set up with the right filter for your fryer. What do you have to lose? Try us out.

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