30th Anniversary of Pride in Foodservice Week

30th Anniversary of Pride in Foodservice Week

During the first week in February each year, we celebrate our foodservice workers. Sponsored by the Association of Nutrition & Food Service Professionals, Pride in Foodservice Week is an appreciation of foodservice workers in every industry from schools to senior centers. Since its creation in 1991, this week set aside for all foodservice workers to be celebrated.

Those who work in schools, different types of senior living homes and other organizations, play a huge role in providing nutritional meals for those who may not be getting good meals otherwise and this week is meant to not only encourage those workers to be praised but also to be proud of their work.

Ways to Celebrate Foodservice Workers

  • Send a card or small gift to those you know in the industry.
  • Highlight foodservice staff.
  • Treat staff to a dinner or celebration.
  • Simply say thank you and acknowledge those who show up and provide nutritious meals every day.

Foodservice professionals are trained in the basic nutritional needs of their clients and are responsible for preparing and delivering three balanced meals, every day of the year.  Many workers endure long hours to keep those in their care fed. Since foodservice workers are often overlooked in the industry, Pride in Foodservice Workers Week proves that their dedication does not go unnoticed and is appreciated.

Remember that our foodservice workers deserve our appreciation and respect every day of the year, but especially each first week of February!

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