Follow Directions to Increase Fry Oil Quality

Follow Directions to Increase Fry Oil Quality

There is an old saying that says,

“When all else fails, read the directions.”

If a company invests the time and money to develop and implement an oil management program, which includes treating your oil with SuperSorb® pads, this saying can be tweaked to say,

“When managing your oil, you must follow the directions.”

There are very good reasons for following directions. First and foremost is that not following established procedures may potentially create a food safety or quality issue that can impact sales or worse. If it is the former, the worse scenario applies.

Foodservice operators and their personnel need to follow procedures because those protocols were established for a reason: managing cooking oil in the most efficient manner possible. And Filtercorp personnel worked hand-in-hand with customers to help establish these procedures. They were developed, documented, and implemented with the express purpose of enhancing what the customer felt was most important in their frying operations, whether that was oil life extension, more efficient use of cooking oil, improving the food-fried-to-oil-used ratio, or the quality of the food itself.

So, the bottom line is that failure to follow directions as drafted can compromise food safety, food quality, and most important, the operation’s bottom line. Failure to follow directions wastes money.

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Our procedures were designed to enhance the overall well-being of your frying oil program. Get a step-by-step introduction to these frying oil best practices by taking our free Frying Oil Assessment.

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