Filtercorp’s ACF “Seal of Approval” Difference

Filtercorp’s ACF “Seal of Approval” Difference

Did you know that Filtercorp’s Supersorb® Carbonpad is the only frying oil filter pad to earn the prestigious American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF), Seal of Approval? The American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF), is the nation’s premier organization for professional chefs and cooks. The product was submitted for extensive testing and was approved by members of ACF’s Seal of Approval committee, effective May 18, 2011.

With extensive product testing and evaluation required, the ACF Seal of Approval program offers foodservice manufacturers the opportunity to have products endorsed by the premier organization of professional chefs in the United States.

Tested in two high-volume-frying restaurant chains, the ACF Seal of Approval committee evaluated the Filtercorp Supersorb® Carbonpad filter pads using the following criteria:

  • Consistency of Physical Properties; Color and Texture
  • Consistency of the Products for their Intended Use
  • Performance of Products when Various Elements are Applied
  • Adaptability of Products to Various Cooking and/or Presentation Procedures
  • Validity and Accuracy of Packing, Labeling, and Marketing Claims

Proven Results

“The filtration and cleaning operation of Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® CarbonPad were extremely easy to use,” said Keith Davis, chair of ACF Seal of Approval Committee. “The foods tested using this product had a superior quality, because of being fried in clean, filtered oil. Both test sites stated that using Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® CarbonPads extended the life of their fryer oil.” The Filtercorp Supersorb® Carbonpad filter pads have received the ACF Seal of Approval’s endorsement having successfully completed the rigorous testing with distinction.

Only Filtercorp’s SuperSorb®’s activated carbon solution protects the natural taste of your fried food while enhancing your bottom line.

At Filtercorp, we operate on the premise that we are a solution provider for our customer’s oil filtration needs. Your long-term satisfaction is our goal. You’ll have the results to prove it: cleaner oil, longer lasting, less usage, greater savings – plus consistent quality food. The proof is in the profits and the taste. At Filtercorp, “filtration is what we do, and people are why we do it.”

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