Filtercorp Gives Back

Filtercorp Gives Back

On March 21, 2020, Filtercorp joined the #ChraneCommunityChallenge to take part to give back to their community during the uncertain times throughout the quarantine.

The goal of the challenge is to monetarily support foodservice operations while they are operating on strict regulations or unable to open their facilities at all. Organizations like Chrane Foodservice Solutions and Filtercorp challenged their distributors and partners to donate an amount they were comfortable with to get gift cards from local restaurants and foodservice operations.

Filtercorp donated $15,000 to employees and distribution affiliates for gift card purchases. Filtercorp then challenged Frontline International, Inc., The Redstone Group, KLH Marketing and Ettinger Rosini to donate whichever amount they were comfortable with. Filtercorp recognizes the importance of supporting the lifeblood of our business.

We encourage everyone to buy local, order carry out and delivery from restaurants in your community. We can keep our restaurant and foodservice partners afloat during the stay-at-home order and we will get through this difficult time.

You can see the Filtercorp challenge video here.

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