Filtercorp Achieves BPI Certification

Filtercorp Achieves BPI Certification

At Filtercorp, we are pleased to announce we have received the BPI Certification which guarantees our SuperSorb® CarbonPads are biodegradable and will not stay in landfills for years.

Foodservice processors and suppliers are starting to become more environmentally conscious and responsible in the production of their products. Many companies are adopting biodegradable packaging and/or moving away from plastics with concerns about plastics getting into the oceans and their breakdown into micro particles. Many consumers and buyers appreciate companies that make a commitment to the environment in order to reduce global waste and a carbon footprint.

Filtercorp produces a product that is used and disposed of. The used filter pads are placed in the trash bins by foodservice users. The materials will then go into landfills or incinerators depending upon the location of the facility. Realizing that Filtercorp’s  used products go into landfills, we made the decision to pursue a biodegradability certification. This decision was based in large part on product formulation given that one of the main ingredients in the SuperSorb® CarbonPad is cellulose, a natural product that is biodegradable. Filtercorp elected to work with the Biodegradability Products Institute. As an Institute, BPI works with certified laboratories throughout the world to do the necessary testing. The laboratories looked at the design and make of SuperSorb® CarbonPads in addition to examining documents such as product specifications and Letters of Guaranty, to determine if the SuperSorb® CarbonPads were indeed biodegradable.

At Filtercorp, we operate on the premise that we are a solution provider for our customer’s oil filtration needs. Your long-term satisfaction is our goal. You’ll have the results to prove it: cleaner oil, longer lasting, consistent food quality less usage, and greater savings. The proof is in the profits and the taste. At Filtercorp, “filtration is what we do, and people are why we do it.” We are proud to have our part in reducing global waste and producing biodegradable products.

Our sincere thanks to our customers for their partnership and loyalty. We look forward to bringing continued innovation in consistent food quality.

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