Ease Your Pandemic Woes With SuperSorb®

Ease Your Pandemic Woes With SuperSorb®

As shortages brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic drag on, Filtercorp remains ready and able to meet your filtration needs. What’s more, using Filtercorp products can even help alleviate some of the hardships faced by restaurateurs and operators during these difficult times.

Since 2001, Filtercorp has maintained a robust network of regional distribution warehouses (RDWs) throughout North America. With 7 RDWs across the continent, Filtercorp is ready to deliver SuperSorb® CarbonPads to national, regional, and local food service operators as demanded by our supply chain partners. With this reliable network in place, Filtercorp offers the unparalleled peace of mind of knowing that high-quality filtration goods will be available to your business when you need them.

With the fear of shortages addressed, you can now turn your attention to the other major problem facing restaurant operators since the start of the pandemic: employee retention. It’s no secret that finding and keeping quality employees for your kitchen staff has become a challenging prospect. Workers you do manage to hold onto can quickly burn out from carrying a higher workload. To help keep your team happy and gainfully employed, it’s in your best interest to find ways to lighten the workload as much as possible.

This is where SuperSorb®comes in. Because they require fewer changeouts compared to the competition, SuperSorb® CarbonPads help ease your staff’s workload. Thanks to the extended oil life provided by SuperSorb®, your team will also spend less time spent on the messy and time-consuming task of discarding old oil. This means your staff can stay focused on providing great quality food to your customers, and you’ll spend less time dealing with the headache of constant rehiring.

Always in stock and a huge stress-saver for your team, Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® CarbonPads are here to help your business through these challenging times. Contact us now to see the SuperSorb® difference for yourself and start serving healthier, better tasting fried foods.

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