Do’s and don’ts of frying

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Frying Oil Maintenance Tips

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Frying


  • Keep fryers set at proper frying temperature

  • Use your skimmer and keep the fryer free from floating french fries, nuggets, etc.

  • Add make-up oil often. Do not allow the fryer to be under-filled.

  • Discard only on the basis of a quality standard. Use a color test kit, or similar.

  • Filter twice a day, everyday.

  • Cover fryers after closing kitchen.

  • Designate one fryer for fries only.


  • Turn on fryer too early! (One-half hour before frying is proper.)

  • Dip fried foods that have cooled in the fryer a second time.

  • Turn up thermostats and overfill fry baskets to speed up frying.

  • Let food sit in baskets over the fryer.

  • Use soap to clean deep fryer.

  • Stir, agitate, or aerate shortening unnecessarily.

  • Salt over fryer or deep fry bacon or sausage in the kettle.

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