The Different Types of French Fries

The Different Types of French Fries

French fries are a food we all know and love. The different types of French fries are where conflict can arise among consumers. These delicious fried potato morsels can come in all different shapes and sizes. Throughout your dining experiences, you have probably seen and tasted many types of French fries ranging from the curly fry, to the sweet potato fry, to the tater tot and much more.

French fries are served hot or cold, soft or crispy and are generally eaten as a part of lunch or dinner or by themselves as a snack. They appear on the menus of a variety of types of restaurants all across the world. Fries can be salted in served with ketchup like in the United States, or served with other toppings such as vinegar and mayonnaise.

To some, the type of French fry might not matter as much as the sauce you are using to dip the different types of potatoes in. To others, the type of fry might be the most important part which we definitely understand!

A popular Food website, Food Republic, surveyed their office to rank the top 19 different styles of French Fries, check out the graphic below to see where your favorite fell on the list:

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