24 Feb 2020

Restaurants Canada Show 2020

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Filtercorp is excited to be showcasing our latest products at the Restaurants Canada Show next week! The RC show takes place March 1-3, 2020 in Toronto!

This event focuses on how shifting demographics, product innovation, food delivery, retail, rising food costs, staffing and even climate change are affecting the foodservice industry. The RC Show wants to […]

21 Feb 2020

Fish Frying Best Practices

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As we approach the Lenten season, restaurants typically see an increase in the amount of fish they’re preparing. Many customers observe Lent by refraining from eating meat on Fridays, with the exception of fish. The foodservice industry has responded by providing more seafood options during this time of year.

Frying fish can be tricky! Getting the right […]

3 Feb 2020

How Often Should Frying Oil Be Changed?

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There are varying opinions throughout the foodservice industry about how frequently the oil in a commercial fryer should be replaced. When and how often an operator changes their oil is a decision that each and every operator must decide on their own.

This decision should be based on the quality of the food being fried. How does […]

20 Jan 2020

2020 Food Trends

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As we begin a new decade, let’s take a look at a few forecasted food trends for 2020. Here are a few of the top changes you can expect.

Healthier Options

Consumers continue to become increasingly health conscious. This will continue throughout 2020. The emphasis on health has led to the rise of vegetable consumption. People have been […]

31 Dec 2019

A Year in Review: A Toast to Our 2019 Accomplishments

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Soon many of us will raise a glass, kiss a loved one and begin making goals for the new year. Perhaps you’ll even enjoy a delicious fried treat, like calamari or crispy wings. Before we leap into a new decade, let’s pause a moment to reflect on our accomplishments from 2019.

Launched Pleated Filter

In February, our Filtercorp […]

4 Dec 2019

The New SuperSorb® Envelope is Here!

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We are constantly innovating to keep up with the challenges foodservice operators face. With our engineered solutions and passion for people we are excited to announce that the Super in SuperSorb® just got even better! Filtercorp’s NEW F-98 CarbonPad Envelope Filter provides superior depth filtration, a better and faster way to treat your oil ultimately resulting […]

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