Always in Stock: Filtercorp’s Regional Distribution Warehouses

Always in Stock: Filtercorp’s Regional Distribution Warehouses

From microprocessors to poultry, many commodities have been affected by shortages and logistical issues in recent months. Thankfully for our partners who count on us to deliver the best oil filtration products on the market, Filtercorp’s well-established supply chain has helped to avoid such unfortunate interruptions.

In 2001, Filtercorp established a Regional Distribution Warehouse (RDW) network across North America.  Today, we have 7 RDWs in addition to a sales facility in Puerto Rico.  Filtercorp RDWs maintain inventory via container load deliveries of SuperSorb CarbonPad/Envelopes and distribute to national, regional, and local food service operators. Our RDWs also have trained food service personnel including a Regional Product Specialist to help bring our products to market.

Map of Filtercorp’s distribution territories.

With such a robust supply chain in place, our specialists continue to provide expert consultation with restaurant operators to maximize their frying oil management programs. Despite shortages that have impacted distribution across various sectors of the global economy, Filtercorp continues to maintain steady flow of inventory as demanded by our supply chain partners.  As our tagline reads, “Filtration is what we do. People are why do it.”

Contact us now to start serving healthier, better tasting fried foods with the peace of mind of Filtercorp’s worldwide distribution network and comprehensive technical and marketing support.

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