25 Years of Quality Frying

25 Years of Quality Frying

When we launched SUPERSORB® over 25 years ago, we knew that they had a product that was good, but the past years have demonstrated that it is more than just good. Back in 1967, the Canadian oil chemist, Dr. Robertson, highlighted the following as essential for quality frying;

  • Proper design, construction and maintenance of equipment
  • Proper operation of equipment
  • Properly cleaned equipment
  • Monitor chemical indices of oil degradation
  • Minimize exposure to U.V. light
  • Keep salt and other metals sources from oil
  • Filter oil regularly

Filtercorp staff encouraged their clients to “filter regularly” using an oil management program that the company developed jointly with the clients.  But in reality, they were doing more than filtering the oil, they were treating it using an active filter medium. Dr. Michael Blumenthal coined the terms passive and active filtration to differentiate products. Passive products simply remove particulates from frying oil where as Active products remove materials that could damage the oil, shorter fry life and compromise food quality.

For nearly 30 years, we have worked side-by-side with our clients to help them better understand frying and to demonstrate from a physical, chemical and sensory standpoint that SUPERSORB® works. Our work has shown that SUPERSORB® removes metals that speed oil degradation, eliminates soaps which are active pro-oxidants and slows the formation of free fatty acids, polar materials, polymers and other compounds that are known chemical markers of oil degradation. But more important to our customers is the fact that SUPERSORB® will extend oil life, enhance product quality and save money for users.

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