2020 Food Trends

2020 Food Trends

As we begin a new decade, let’s take a look at a few forecasted food trends for 2020. Here are a few of the top changes you can expect.

Healthier Options

Consumers continue to become increasingly health conscious. This will continue throughout 2020. The emphasis on health has led to the rise of vegetable consumption. People have been cutting back on meat, embracing veganism and vegetarianism. The rise in plant-based meats have changed the way people are ordering and preparing meals. However, one thing that people haven’t given up are crispy French fries, onion rings and sweet potato fries, which means restaurants need to prepare those items consistently.

More Focus on Sustainability

There’s a push on protecting our environment and that’s not going anywhere. In addition to cutting back on single-use plastics, restaurants are trying to use biodegradable products and reduce waste. We’ve taken this seriously at FilterCorp. Our product ends up in landfills and we needed to do our part to help the environment, so our filters are designed to be completely biodegradable. In 2019, we worked with the Biodegradable Products Institute to become BPI certified.

Food Delivery Services

We have become a world based on convenience, creating demand for services that deliver food from restaurants directly to our homes and offices. These services will only grow in 2020. How will this affect restaurants? There is a chance for business to grow, however, food will take longer to get to the consumer which could impact customer satisfaction. If fried foods aren’t prepared in fresh, clean oil, they have a smaller chance of holding their taste and quality during the time of pick-up and delivery. Clean oil will be a key factor in food quality delivered by GrubHub, DoorDash or UberEats. By switching to the FilterCorp SuperSorb Carbon Pad or SuperSorb Envelope, you’re changing oil less often, clearing oil of debris better and ensuring consistent food quality.

Switching to one of FilterCorp’s filtration products could mean huge profits for your business. Keep up with the trends of the year and switch to a sustainable product that will offer your customers consistently delicious food. We’re here to help you find the best product for your business. Contact us to begin the switch to a SuperSorb Carbon Pad or SuperSorb Envelope Filter.

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