The Importance of Filtration in Supermarkets

The Importance of Filtration in Supermarkets

Oil filtration or treatment is one of the primary elements for ensuring the production of good tasting fried foods. This is especially important in a market environment whether it is your local supermarket or the convenience store. Why is this so? In these environments the food is fried and displayed to the customers. At a fast food restaurant, the customer orders off the posted menu. At the convenience store or supermarket, the shopper looks at the food, thinks it would taste good and places his or her order; lots of impulse buying. The product on display whether it is fried chicken, a fried pie, fish sticks, or fried appetizers must look appealing and smell good to get the customer’s attention. Proper oil management which includes filtration or treatment helps ensure odor, appearance, and flavor.

Filtration or treatment using Filtercorp’s SUPERSORB® pads will remove all kinds of suspended solids in the oil including dark, burned materials and even the very fine flours used in batters or breading. Removal of burned or carbonized products enhances overall oil chemistry, food flavor and appearance.  Is the impulse buyer in the market or convenience store going to buy a fried item if it is coated with dark specks?  Certainly not. These burned pieces of food also act as focal points for oil degradation further damaging the oil. The ability to remove very small particles from oils is also essential for ensuring food quality. SUPERSORB® pads will remove materials down to .5 microns in size and as there are over 25,400 microns in an inch, it is easy to see how small that really is.

Maintaining the oil quality through removal of suspended materials and oil soluble materials such as soaps which oil is ABSOLUTELY essential when one realizes that supermarket and convenience store fried foods are not cooked to order.  They sit under heat lamps beckoning customers to buy. If these items are cooked in poor quality oil, food flavor and aroma will be compromised, and that one sale may be the last sale ever to that customer.

At Filtercorp, we operate on the premise that we are a solution provider for our customer’s oil filtration needs. Your long-term satisfaction is our goal. You’ll have the results to prove it: cleaner oil, longer lasting, less usage, greater savings – plus consistent quality food. The proof is in the profits and the taste. At Filtercorp, “filtration is what we do, and people are why we do it.”

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