What Makes the Perfect French Fry?

What Makes the Perfect French Fry?

Who makes the perfect French fry? Why is it perfect? Can those qualities be replicated?

In a recent article on Serious Eats, J. Kenji López-Alt took an entertaining deep dive into the perfect fry made by one of the biggest names in the foodservice industry. In his hamburgling efforts to find out how the perfect fry is made, he first had to define what actually makes the perfect fry. Here are four factors he considers in the anatomy of the perfect fry:


Everybody loves a crispy fry, but what makes a fry crispy, and when does it become too crispy? According to López-Alt, crispy fries come from small micro-bubbles on the surface of the fry. These bubbles increase surface area, making them extra crunchy. The thickness of this layer should be kept to only a width that adds crispiness, as it can become tough when it’s too thick.


The crispy exterior of the fry should always lead to a fluffy interior. If a fry is pasty or gummy, it’s far from perfect. In addition, the interior of the fry should actually taste like potato and not other ingredients that are stored nearby in the freezer.


The perfect fry should by light and golden. You can often spot an overcooked French fry by looking at its skin. Fries that have dark spots or burns will often have flavors that less than ideal.


When eating a serving of French fries, the last fry should always hold its form. Aside from possibly temperature, the last fry on your plate should have the same properties of form, crispiness, and flavor as the first fry you consume.

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Be sure to check out López-Alt’s article in Serious Eats for a more entertaining look at the perfect fry. For the technical aspects, make sure the right frying oil is used.

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