The Importance of Boiling Out Your Fryer (and How to Reduce the Frequency)

The Importance of Boiling Out Your Fryer (and How to Reduce the Frequency)

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

This old, old saying applies to things as simple as washing your hands before dinner to keeping a commercial kitchen clean and sanitary. In restaurant operations, this means keeping all the equipment, utensils, counters, and other workspaces clean. A clean operation is essential to not only protect customers but also to ensure the operation remains open. Public health officials have the right and responsibility to close down operations that are dirty or infested.

Maintaining fryers is an integral part of an operation’s cleaning program. Cleaning accomplishes several things. It keeps the fryers clean, enhances food quality, and saves energy.

Saves energy? Yes, heating elements that are coated with polymer, or what some call shellac, simply do not transfer heat as well.

Cleaning fryers entails several steps. The first is to rinse gross soil from the fryer after it has been drained. The next step is to fill the fryer with cold water and add caustic cleaner. Never, never add caustic to boiling water. Bring the fryer up to a rolling boil and allow the caustic cleaner to do its work. Once the boil out is done, the caustic should be neutralized and the fryer drained.

The fryer should then be rinsed with water and then rinsed again with acid (citric or acetic/vinegar) to ensure that any residual soaps are neutralized. It is also a good idea to check the pH of the rinse water to ensure that any residual caustic has been neutralized.

This seems like a lot of work, and it is. However, properly managing frying oil can not only reduce the frequency of boil outs, but also allow an operator to minimize the amount of caustic used or switch to a gentler cleaning compound. Proper oil management, which includes utilizing Filtercorp’s SuperSorb® products, has been shown to allow fryer operators to adopt one or both of these options.

You will never get away from boil outs, as they are essential to ensuring that fryers are clean, but there is a potential to reduce how often they are done.

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