Why Cascading Frying Oil in Foodservice Fryers Doesn’t Work

By Rick Stier and Monoj Gupta There are many foodservice frying operations that utilize a practice called ‘cascading’ as a means of managing frying oils. Cascading is a process in which the operator transfers the frying oil from one fryer to the next on scheduled intervals. Operators who utilize the cascading practice usually have four […]

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Follow Directions to Increase Fry Oil Quality

There is an old saying that says, “When all else fails, read the directions.” If a company invests the time and money to develop and implement an oil management program, which includes treating your oil with SuperSorb® pads, this saying can be tweaked to say, “When managing your oil, you must follow the directions.” There […]

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Bottom line, Your Proven Profit Multiplier

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