The Importance of Boiling Out Your Fryer (and How to Reduce the Frequency)

“Cleanliness is next to godliness.” This old, old saying applies to things as simple as washing your hands before dinner to keeping a commercial kitchen clean and sanitary. In restaurant operations, this means keeping all the equipment, utensils, counters, and other workspaces clean. A clean operation is essential to not only protect customers but also […]

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The Benefits of Low Oil Volume Fryers

Over the last several years, many large cities have banned the use of trans fats in commercial cooking. This has had a great impact on foodservice operators. While the foods now being served are healthier, they are also more expensive to cook. As a result, many fryer manufactures have developed a new type of fryer […]

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7 Main Factors for Managing Your Restaurant’s Frying Oil

By Rick Stier The ultimate yardstick for frying is the quality of the food. The longer the frying oil is able to produce quality food, the more efficient the frying operation. For this to occur, the operator must manage the oil. There are many factors to consider in an oil management program. Here are the […]

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Why Managing Frying Oil Is Easier Than Grease (and More Profitable)

By Rick Stier Sustainability is the new buzzword in the food processing industry, and integral parts of that are recycling and making more efficient use of resources. People act as if this is new, but it’s really not. During the Second World War, the United States and other nations all practiced recycling including the recycling […]

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