A Brief History of Popcorn Shrimp

Unlike some of the current fried food trends like hot chicken, other concepts have been popular for decades. One of these trends is the ever-famous popcorn shrimp, which has a variety of inventors depending on who you ask. So what is the true history of popcorn shrimp? According to some, Red Lobster invented popcorn shrimp in […]

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Frying Oil Filtration or Treatment: Is There a Difference?

Fifty years ago, Dr. C.J. Robertson published an article in Food Technology Magazine that listed five basic elements for maintaining frying oil. Even though this is an old publication, these five principles remain the same. Dr. Robertson’s basic principles for quality frying were introduced in an article that was prepared for this publication back in […]

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A Closer Look at the Hot Chicken Trend

Hot chicken is a Nashville delicacy. Moist and spicy and full of southern history, one bite is often all it takes to hook diners for decades to come. This has never been more evident than in current dining trends, where the hot chicken trend has been named one of the hottest foodservice trends in 2016. Though […]

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Why Cascading Frying Oil in Foodservice Fryers Doesn’t Work

By Rick Stier and Monoj Gupta There are many foodservice frying operations that utilize a practice called ‘cascading’ as a means of managing frying oils. Cascading is a process in which the operator transfers the frying oil from one fryer to the next on scheduled intervals. Operators who utilize the cascading practice usually have four […]

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Follow Directions to Increase Fry Oil Quality

There is an old saying that says, “When all else fails, read the directions.” If a company invests the time and money to develop and implement an oil management program, which includes treating your oil with SuperSorb® pads, this saying can be tweaked to say, “When managing your oil, you must follow the directions.” There […]

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