An In-Depth Study of Water Retention in Frying Oil Filtration

The following study was conducted by Monoj Gupta, a frying oil filtration expert from MG Edibile Oil Consulting Int’l Inc. Its goal was to determine water retention and water absorption rates by SuperSorb® Carbon Pads. Objective The objective of the study was to determine if the SuperSorb® filter pad absorbs any water from the fryer oil. Experimental […]

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What Is a Fry Oil Study?

As part of our efforts to bring you voices and information from across the foodservice industry, Filtercorp recently sat down with Monoj Gupta, president of MG Edible Oil Consulting International. MGEdibleOil provides technical expertise in several key areas of oil processing, production, and training. They specialize in vegetable oil processing and its application in fried […]

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