May 5, 2015 Rick Stier

Let Your Filter Supplier Be Your Partner in Quality Frying

A vendor should be more than just a company that sells something to you, and that is exactly what we believe at Filtercorp. Our SuperSorb® pads are the best oil treatment product in the business, and we are willing to work with potential and future customers to show them that this is true. We feel it is essential to work with our customers as partners.

Initially, we believe in working with new customers to show them that the pads not only work operationally in their system, but also may be shown to work using criteria that are important to the customer. We will help the customer determine the best product for their operation. This is accomplished through fry studies — a scientifically sound, side by side comparison of two fry filters. Fry Studies are not only aimed at demonstrating the efficacy of SuperSorb® pads, but clearly show the financial and quality benefits that their adoption will provide.

Long term, Filtercorp works with customers to assist in the adoption of the products in new stores, to conduct training and to be available for consultation on basic frying and filtration technology. We also visit our customers regularly to obtain updates on performance and overall satisfaction. We believe in being there if you need us.

Enhance Your Frying Program: Get a Free Frying Study from Filtercorp

Free Frying Oil Study

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