The NEW high-profile F-23LV from Filtercorp

The NEW high-profile F-23LV from Filtercorp 2017-10-27T14:42:36+00:00


Just Got Even Better!

Do you need a High-Volume filter for your Low-Volume fryer?
Let us introduce you to the NEW F-23LV from Filtercorp.

This revolutionary new filter is the next-generation of our SuperSorb® CarbonPad. Its two-in-one, pre-filter technology is perfect for today’s Low-Volume fryers.

Why? Because your operations will not be disrupted with multiple, daily filter change-outs.

Here’s how it works, our SuperSorb® CarbonPad has a pleated pre-filter stitched on top to collect the larger food debris. This allows the filter to be even more efficient, resulting in a “two filters-in-one” system that has all the advantages of the SuperSorb® CarbonPad:

  • Consistent, High Quality Food
  • Longer Lasting Oil
  • Reduced Labor

+ ONLY 1 Filter Change per Day =
Even GREATER Savings for You!

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