Deep Frying Oil Filters That Lead to Longer Equipment Life and Consistent Food Quality

Deep Frying Oil Filters That Lead to Longer Equipment Life and Consistent Food Quality

The patented SuperSorb® CarbonPad from Filtercorp provides superior oil filtration. Making your frying oil last longer so you use less, save more and have more consistent food quality. SuperSorb® CarbonPads have a unique combination of a specific activated carbon, cellulose fibers, activated absorbents, along with billions of tiny pores physically removing contaminants from your frying oil. 

What Happens When Filters Are Not Regularly Replaced

Changing out your oil fryer filter is an important aspect of maintaining your food quality and equipment. It is often forgotten or done infrequently. A lack of filter maintenance leads to shorter oil life and bad tasting food. Filtering oil will keep foods tasting good and keep your oil costs down. Oil breakdown occurs at a much faster rate with dirty oil. Using one SuperSorb® CarbonPad per day will assure that you are keeping your oil cleaner, extend the life of your oil and save money on purchasing new oil over time.

Fewer Change Outs Mean Increased Profit

SuperSorb® CarbonPads provide superior filtering quality for your frying oil. The filters extend the time between oil change-outs. The Typical Frying Oil Degradation Profile shows the typical discard range compared to other filters or no filters. The typical discard range with no filters is around 3 days. Using the SuperSorb® CarbonPad will substantially extend the life of your frying oil.

How Does SuperSorb® Work?

SuperSorb® carbon is lightweight and leaves undesirable contaminants and pollutants behind. This works by its super-absorbent quality. It works like a magnet to attract and absorb impurities that break frying oil down. Filtercorp is the only manufacturer of frying oil filters that use this exceptional activated carbon technology.

SuperSorb® CarbonPads are designed to perform depth filtration, removing particles down to the nano-range of 0.5 micron and clean-treat the frying oil in a one-step process. The filters have a zero tolerance for particles or contaminants of any kinds. Your oil is cleaner, lasts longer, and the food you fry is consistent.







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