5 Ways to Make Fried Food Healthier

Deep Fried Shrimp Cakes - Delicious Appetizer Served in a Platter with Sweet Sauce.

When you think of fried food, your mind goes to thinking about things that are not healthy for you or foods that we think of as bad for us. Fried food does not have a great deal of healthy benefits, but that does not mean you need to delete it from your diet all together. […]

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What is Blanching and why is it Done?

Shot of a focused young factory working doing quality control in a vegetable processing plant

Blanching is one of the most important steps in the world of food processing. Blanching does several things: It inactivates enzymes It sets color It reduces volume by driving out intercellular air Industrial processors routinely blanch vegetables prior to freezing and canning for quality reasons and even to ensure the production of safe foods. Recent […]

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Why You Should Cover Your Fryer At Night

Closeup of mid 30's female chef frying some chunky potatoes in large restaurant fryer. She's actually draining the potatoes from excess fat. Large stainless steel counters, stoves and freezers around her. She's wearing chef's whites and blue chef's hat.

Each and every restaurant sets up some kind of checklist for closing. The checklist usually includes tasks such as putting out the trash and recycling, cleaning counters and floors, checking and cleaning restrooms, cleaning ovens and cookers, and many other tasks. The objective is to get the facility clean so that people can get right […]

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Filtercorp to Exhibit at Buffalo Wild Wing Show in March

The 2018 Buffalo Wild Wings Business Conference is taking place March 5-8th in Washington, D.C. throughout the three-day Conference, more than 1,700 restaurant Managers, Franchise Owners, Field Leaders, vendors and experts will gather in our nation’s capital to share new ideas, learn from each other and up the ante! Filtercorp will be at booth 129 […]

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Filtercorp to Attend RC Show February 25-27th

Restaurant Canada presents RC Show 2018 February 25-27th in Toronto, Ontario. The RC Show is a trade show and conference with networking events designed to bring brands to life across all categories. With over 16,000 hospitality professionals in attendance, RC is one of Canada’s largest foodservice events bringing the industry together to shop, taste, learn, […]

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What Happens to Fried Food when it is Fried?

How many people have ever taken the time to think about what is really happening to food when it is fried? We know that the result is a hot, delicious, golden-brown, crispy product, but what happens during frying? Frying is probably the most dynamic food process of all. Food is immersed in hot oil and […]

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The Different Types of French Fries

Basket of French Fries-Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

French fries are a food we all know and love. The different types of French fries are where conflict can arise among consumers. These delicious fried potato morsels can come in all different shapes and sizes. Throughout your dining experiences, you have probably seen and tasted many types of French fries ranging from the curly […]

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Cone Filtering Versus A Built In System

Fifty years ago, Canadian oil chemist Dr. C.J. Robertson proposed five basic principles for maintaining frying oil quality. These five principles may be seen below and remain true today. Proper design, construction and maintenance of equipment Proper cleaning of equipment Minimize exposure to ultraviolet light Keep salt and other sources of metal away from oil […]

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The New High-Profile F-23LV from Filtercorp

Last week, Filtercorp introduced our newest filter, the F-23LV! This revolutionary new filter is the next-generation of our SuperSorb® CarbonPad. Now with double the surface area! The two-in-one, pre-filter technology is perfect for today’s Low-Volume fryers. Why choose the F-23LV from Filtercorp? Because this filter will eliminate multiple, daily filter change outs from your operations. […]

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Introducing Filtercorp’s High-Profile SuperSorb® F-23LV!

It is the High-Volume filter for your Low-Volume fryer! Our new fry oil filter is the next-generation of our SuperSorb® CarbonPad. The Supersorb® F-23LV has a pleated pre-filter stitched on top to collect the larger food debris. This technology enables the filter to be even more efficient, resulting in a two filters-in-one system that has […]

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