7 Sep 2018

Hot Wings Challenge

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Football season is upon us and that means tailgating, watching games with friends and especially enjoying hot wings, a tailgate favorite. What makes a fried hot wing (or leg) so tasty? Wings have a crunchy texture of the coating and the hot and spicy flavors that compliments the flavor of the chicken itself.  Some operators marinade […]

18 Jun 2018

Why Filtercorp?

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What is important in your food service operation?

  • Consistent Food Quality?
  • Oil savings- overhead costs savings?
  • Reducing labor?
  • Simplicity of use?
  • Food safety?
  • Sanitation?
  • Environmentally friendly?

When you chose any product for use in your food service operation, these are just some of the concerns many operators have when making the decision of “why”? At Filtercorp, we […]

9 May 2018

Food Truck Deep Fryer Safety Tips

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We’ll be looking at the causes of food truck fires and how food truck managers can keep their employees and kitchen safe from fire disasters.

A grease fire typically occurs when cooking oil becomes too hot. When heating, oils first start to boil, then it starts smoking, and then it will catch on […]

8 Mar 2018

5 Ways to Make Fried Food Healthier

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When you think of fried food, your mind goes to thinking about things that are not healthy for you or foods that we think of as bad for us. Fried food does not have a great deal of healthy benefits, but that does not mean you need to delete it from your diet all together. Fried […]

6 Mar 2018

What is Blanching and why is it Done?

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Blanching is one of the most important steps in the world of food processing. Blanching does several things:

  1. It inactivates enzymes
  2. It sets color
  3. It reduces volume by driving out intercellular air

Industrial processors routinely blanch vegetables prior to freezing and canning for quality reasons and even to ensure the production of safe foods. Recent work by […]

19 Feb 2018

Why You Should Cover Your Fryer At Night

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Each and every restaurant sets up some kind of checklist for closing. The checklist usually includes tasks such as putting out the trash and recycling, cleaning counters and floors, checking and cleaning restrooms, cleaning ovens and cookers, and many other tasks. The objective is to get the facility clean so that people can get right to […]

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