The SIZZLE #1: Tommy Hogue from Krystal Hamburgers

Tommy Hogue

The SIZZLE is a new blog series from Filtercorp, sitting down with some of our favorite food industry people to talk food, frying, and the good life. We had a quick chat with Tommy Hogue: GSM Enterprises / DBA Krystal Restaurants. Tommy is the Director of Operations for a Krystal Hamburger franchise group in Tennessee, […]

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The Truth About Soaps in Frying Oil – What You Need To Know (Graph)

  Wait – there are soaps in frying oil? First off, yes.  Soaps can be found in frying oil, and can seriously impact your oil health and food product.  But do not fear – we have some answers below!   How are soaps treated now in restaurants? The majority of foodservice or restaurant operations do […]

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