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The Importance of a Boilout Procedure and Schedule

Keeping fryers clean is an essential element for managing fryer operations in restaurant. It is also one of Dr. Robertson’s five basic principles for quality frying. But, how often should a fryer operator boil out their fryers and how should this be done? Boiling out a fryer is not something that needs to be done […]

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What’s New in Fried Food?

close up of rustic southern american comfort food chicken waffle

Over the years, Filtercorp has seen just about everything fried. And just when we think we have seen it all? Someone is out there surprises us. With the start of fall and the end of summer, there are many local fairs and festivals taking place throughout the country. This is the time when people go […]

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25 Years of Quality Frying

When we launched SUPERSORB® over 25 years ago, we knew that they had a product that was good, but the past years have demonstrated that it is more than just good. Back in 1967, the Canadian oil chemist, Dr. Robertson, highlighted the following as essential for quality frying; Proper design, construction and maintenance of equipment […]

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The SIZZLE #1: Tommy Hogue from Krystal Hamburgers

Tommy Hogue

The SIZZLE is a new blog series from Filtercorp, sitting down with some of our favorite food industry people to talk food, frying, and the good life. We had a quick chat with Tommy Hogue: GSM Enterprises / DBA Krystal Restaurants. Tommy is the Director of Operations for a Krystal Hamburger franchise group in Tennessee, […]

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659 Hours: How Filtercorp Saves On Labor (Graph)

Time – the one resource we all need the most, yet cannot create more of. When we’re talking with our stores, one issue is always at the top of your list – how can we keep oil filtration labor streamlined and efficient. We know how important labor costs are to your business. That’s why one […]

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An In-Depth Study of Water Retention in Frying Oil Filtration

The following study was conducted by Monoj Gupta, a frying oil filtration expert from MG Edibile Oil Consulting Int’l Inc. Its goal was to determine water retention and water absorption rates by SuperSorb® Carbon Pads. Objective The objective of the study was to determine if the SuperSorb® filter pad absorbs any water from the fryer oil. Experimental […]

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A Brief History of Popcorn Shrimp

Unlike some of the current fried food trends like hot chicken, other concepts have been popular for decades. One of these trends is the ever-famous popcorn shrimp, which has a variety of inventors depending on who you ask. So what is the true history of popcorn shrimp? According to some, Red Lobster invented popcorn shrimp in […]

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Frying Oil Filtration or Treatment: Is There a Difference?

Fifty years ago, Dr. C.J. Robertson published an article in Food Technology Magazine that listed five basic elements for maintaining frying oil. Even though this is an old publication, these five principles remain the same. Dr. Robertson’s basic principles for quality frying were introduced in an article that was prepared for this publication back in […]

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