659 Hours: How Filtercorp Saves On Labor (Graph)

659 Hours: How Filtercorp Saves On Labor (Graph)

Time – the one resource we all need the most, yet cannot create more of. When we’re talking with our stores, one issue is always at the top of your list – how can we keep oil filtration labor streamlined and efficient. We know how important labor costs are to your business. That’s why one of our biggest innovation areas has always been to develop filtration solutions that work the best, while keeping maintenance time low.

Earlier this year, we ran tests to see how much time Filtercorp saved one of our biggest store chains, vs. competitive solutions. It was a matchup between our carbon filters and two competitors using filter powder. After a comprehensive analysis, the testing showed that our SuperSorb® CarbonPads saved almost 2 hours of labor per day!

We extrapolated the data over a period of one year, which you can see in the graph below.  For this one store, the difference is 659 hours in labor for the year!  From one store to across all 450 stores, the savings are huge.

So what’s our secret? SuperSorb® CarbonPads are designed to perform depth filtration, removing particles down to the nano-range of 0.5 micron and to clean-treat the frying oil – all in a one-step process.

This means fewer change-outs, less oil usage, and no polishing required – which all leads to less time and reduced labor. There is another big winner as well – the customer. Keeping your oil at peak performance for longer means more consistent food quality everyday (and happy customers are repeat customers!)

Oil filtration time comparison

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